Evangelism Basics

Working together on the Jonah project

We want to work together as one force, one army advancing the Kingdom of our king, raiding the camp of the enemy, claiming new territory in Jesus name. Simply put we want to be used by God to see people become disciples of Jesus Christ.
My focus tonight will be to encourage every one of you to find some way that you can be involved in the Jonah project, in particular I believe we can and should all be involved with direct and indirect evangelism in context to this event which will take place over the Easter period in just a few weeks.

  1. God: God the Evangelist (The story of Jonah)
  2. Essentials: Start praying now
  3. Methods 1: Roman Road
  4. Methods 2: Way of the Master
  5. Conclusion: What will you do

Slides available here

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