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Sacred Places

Sacred Places: The Biblical Theology of Place, Exploring Its Central Importance in God’s Creation and Mission, the new book from C J Scott.

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Sacred Places is a book that looks at the biblical theology of place, exploring its central importance in God’s creation and mission. It takes its readers on an expository journey through place, from the Garden of Eden to the New Jerusalem, discovering the pattern of placement, displacement, and replacement in life and faith.

If you are a Christian seeking to understand the Bible’s teaching on place and how that affects both our faith and lives in the world, then this book is for you. It will open your eyes to the central importance of place and give you direction on how you can apply a healthy understanding of place to your life as a disciple of Jesus Christ, making you a better place maker and dweller.

The thesis of this book is that place is far more important than we ever could have imagined. I am specifically proposing that (1) places are sacred because of God’s decree and personal presence, (2) place plays a major role in God’s creative and redemptive purposes, and (3) God’s people are called to be both place makers and dwellers.

The book is divided into seven major sections. Each will look at place from a slightly different perspective, but all will be informed by the overarching Christian worldview and metanarrative of God’s creation, the fall of man, and the redemption of God’s creation as revealed in the Bible. The sections are as follows:

1. Philosophy: exploring the concept of place itself and its philosophical implications within the human experience.

2. Theology: exploring place as a subject of theology with a particular focus on the definition of a sacred place.

3. Scripture: exploring the Biblical Theology of Place as a major theme throughout Scripture.

4. Narrative: this section will seek to harmonize the Theology of Place alongside the other overarching themes of the Bible like God as King.

5. History: two routes of exploration are embarked on here. The first is the history of the land of Israel and the Jewish people. The second is the history of the Church. Both are reviewed through the lens of place.

6. Application: exploring the various ways that the biblical theme and understanding of place can impact our lives and help us to be good place makers and dwellers in God’s creation.

7. Study: this is a supplementary section containing appendixes, suggested resources for further study, and a bibliography.

“An expository journey through place, from the Garden of Eden to the New Jerusalem. Discovering the pattern of placement, displacement, and re-placement in life and faith”

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Humble Majesty is who we are and should strive to be as disciples of Jesus Christ. Royal members of God’s family while remaining humble in spirit and service to the king and his kingdom.

This is the ministry from biblical teacher and author C. J. Scott, seeking to train and equip Christians to live their lives before the face of God for the glory of God to the end that they would be fruitful, useful and faithful servants, stewards, representatives, and ambassadors for their King, spreading the rule and influence of His kingdom throughout the earth.

A Minister at Worldwide Mission Fellowship (WWMF) in London, specialising in biblical teaching and training for the body of Christ. He writes for WWMF at www.wwmf.org, blogs at www.placemakers.blog and is the founder and main writer for Humble Majesty at www.humblemajesty.com.

He lives in the south of England with his wife Michelle and their two children, Hope and Joshua.

Teaching Principles

Our statement of faith declares the following concerning the Bible “We believe that the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are divinely inspired and completely inerrant in the original writings and of supreme and final authority in all matters of faith and life.”

All our teaching and training will find its roots in and spring from the scripture. While we rely on the leading of God the Holy Spirit we also stand in unity with the historical and universal body of Christ and the tried and tested doctrines the church has defended and further defined since its founding by the God-Man, Jesus, The Christ, The Son of the Living God.

It is important to us that the scriptures themselves are used as a source of correction, training and reflection and as the basis for any program of development suggested in any content, publication or course of study from Humble Majesty.

“All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.” (2 Timothy 3:16–17, ESV)


Knowing Truth

how knowing the truth will set you free There are so many voices, opinions and perspectives in today’s world many claiming to have part or all truth on any number of subjects. The multitude of options has led many to believe that all truth is subjective or that true knowledge of the truth is unattainable. …


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