God The Holy Spirit

His Person and Work

  1. Our Triune God
    a. One God
    b. Three distinct persons (the same in essence, distinct in ministry)
    c. The Holy Spirit is God! (has all God’s Attributes)
    d. He is not just a force or subordinate in any way (He not it)
    e. The unity of God
  2. Who is the Holy Spirit
    a. The Bible’s Ultimate Author
    b. Creator
    c. The Spirit of truth
    d. The Helper, Advocate, Intercessor and Comforter
    e. The Life Giver
  3. The Ministry of the Holy Spirit
    a. Remind and teach us
    b. Guide us (draws and saves us)
    c. Empower us
    d. Convict us
    e. Unify us (with God, with each other, Sons of God, the Witness)
  4. Receive The Spirit
    a. Believe His Word
    b. His Fruit
    c. His Gifts
    d. His Power
    e. His Assurance
  5. God with us
    a. Living with God
    b. Living under God’s care
    c. Living by the power of God
    d. Living in God’s promise
    e. Living with Hope

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