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My first published book “Sacred Places” went live two weeks ago. I’ve been blown away by the support from friends and family thank you all so much for the encouragement and investment. Sacred Places will remain the major focus from Humble Majesty this year but that doesn’t mean I’m stopping here or slowing down…. I haven’t suddenly arrived because I’ve published a book… these so much more to do.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been working on the next Humble Majesty project and I’m glad to say it is available today.

In 2014 my Pastor asked me to, so I wrote the study, reflection and application notes for each day of the annual bible reading plan* we have been following at our church, Worldwide Mission Fellowship. It was a great joy but also intense… I wrote and published every day of that year.

In 2015 my friends, Aimee Gripman and Michael Hossanah helped to enhance the notes by proofreading the originals and suggesting improvements with punctuation etc.

The notes were available each day from 2014 to 2016 on the WWMF website and App. Now I’m glad to announce these daily devotional notes are available in paperback as a 4 volume set or as a single volume e-book.

You can pick them up exclusively from and These legacy volumes come under the title “Daily Truth”


Daily Truth Legacy Volume 1

Daily Truth Legacy Volume 2

Daily Truth Legacy Volume 3

Daily Truth Legacy Volume 4

Kindle (E-book)

Daily Truth Legacy Single Volume Edition

If you want to have a companion to help you find meaningful truth you can apply to your life as your read through the yearly bible reading plan then get a copy of either the paperback volumes or the single volume kindle edition today.

*We use the 365 Connect The Testaments, Bible Reading Plan from Faithlife.

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