God Created the World

Today’s readings are taken from  Gen 1:1–2:25, Matt 1:1–2:23 and Eccles 1:1–5.

I think the simple lesson from these early chapters in Genesis is that God created the world and all her inhabitants. People argue about how to interpret this but regardless of your position, the Bible’s claim is clear. God created everything.

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1, ESV)

There are many man-made opinions about the origin of life. However, these are all just idolatry, replacing the God of the Bible with a false god.

Nancy Pearcey in her book Finding Truth: 5 Principles for Unmasking Atheism, Secularism, and Other God Substitutes covers this well and it is worth a read / listen. The following is a short extract:

Since everyone who rejects God sets up an idol, this is the strategic place to begin. An idol is anything in the created order that is put in the place of God. This definition not only gives us tools to identify our personal idols, it also gives insight into the world of ideas. Philosophies and worldviews can also function as counterfeit gods.

So today rejoice in God, the God who created everything. He created you and a place for you to live and one day will live in a new Eden in harmony with the human family redeemed through his son Jesus.

This is a good video from our friends at The Bible Project on the book of Genesis:

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